What is Your Favorite Coffee?
A GroundShaker staple is the Asian Coffee. It is a special combination of ingredients
that creates a savory, rich, sweet blend served over blended ice.

A non-coffee favorite is our Buckin’ Blast. This drink is a mixture of sugar free Monster
and your flavor(s) of choice!

What are your most popular dishes?
Our homemade NY style bagel and croissant breakfast sandwiches are our most
popular food items. These sandwiches are “build your own” and include your choice of
meat, cheese, and scrambled egg or egg white. If you are really hungry, you can step it
up and make it a double or a mega sandwich (all meats and one choice of cheese) or
mega mega sandwich (all meats and all cheeses).
Can I order Online?
We take online orders via DoorDash and UberEats.
Do you deliver?
At this time, we do not deliver.
Do you have a loyalty program?
We offer a stamp card program; you collect one stamp for every made-to-order drink.
After accumulating 10 stamps, you cash in your card for one drink for FREE!
Do you sell gift cards?
We do sell gift cards!
Where are you located?
We are located off of Greenway and Reems Road at 15643 N Reems Rd. Surprise, AZ
Do you have other locations?
This is our only location at this time, but we hope to expand in the near future!